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Our Lawn Ornaments

For pricing, please call (216)676-6444
Special Happy Birthdays - Abstract Birthday, Mermaid Birthday, Party Supply Birthday, Tie Dye Birthday, Unicorn Birthday
Jumbo Signs - 8' cake, 7' grim reaper, 6 1/2' princess, 7' dancing bear (pink and blue),  7' wine bottles, 8' tropical trees, 7' storks
New Born Display - Welcome home new arrivals with a 7' stork & a personalized bundle. Also included is your choice of 15 pacifier smiles, teddy bears or rubber duckies. The personalized bundle is yours to keep!! (designs may vary) **please allow 24 hours advance notice**
Animals - Buzzards, Cows, Crows, Dalmations, Donkeys, Elephants, Frogs, Owls, Penguins, Pigs, Pink Elephants, Pink Flamingos, Polar Bears, Rabbits, Rainbow Flamingos,  Roosters, Sheeps, Swans, Teddy Bears, Turkeys
Novelty - Alien Heads, American Flags, Angels, Baby Smiley, Ballons, Bingo Cards, Cakes, Candles, Cap-n-scroll, Chef Smiley, Clowns, Couch Potatoes, Beer Mugs, Dice , Dinosaur, Doctor Bags, Fireman Smiley, Flowers, Frankensteins, Game Fish, Graduation Smiley, Happy Faces, Hearts, Margaritas, Medical Symbols, Music Notes, Peace Signs, Pizza Pies, Poker Hands, Policeman Smiley, Presents, Remote Control, Robber Smiley, Rubber Duckies, Scales of Justice, Shamrocks, Stars, Teddy Bears, Tombstones, Tropical Fish, Vampires, Wedding Bell, Witches, Yin Yangs, 80's
Sports - Baseball, Basketball, Bowling Ball and Pins, Footballs, Game Fish, Golf Balls, Race Cars, Soccer Balls, Tennis Balls, Volley Balls